Wednesday, May 20, 2009
An unforgettable night at Sky bar + genting!!
Thanks to my roommate, Shee Hui who initially suggested to visit the skybar and my housemate, Kok Hou who unexpectedly suggested to go Genting because of the freaking hot weather. At first, the response at the second college group was poor and nobody seems to be interested in going to skybar. So Shee Hui & I thought that it will end up only two of us going to the bar.

Well, who knows?
It end up a group of 9 exploring skybar at level 33 of Traders Hotel

my roommate, Shee Hui & me

the paranoiac view of Twin Tower is one of the selling point of sky bar

(From the left) Kok Hou, Shee Hui, Me, Grace (3 of us in Hawaii theme dress) and Jenny

Pretty girls in the club

There is so many pools in skybar

Seng Chiat & me

There is a swimming pool inside the bar..

Initially, we were asked to squeeze in this small place..Thanks to Jenny for all the effort to make us feel comfortable by asking to move to a more spacious place

'Big Sister'-Jenny & 'Drinking Queen'-Grace

According to the waiter, one must pre-booked the seat near the window for the best view of Twin Tower

We ordered a bottle of V.S.O.P Henessy but can't finished it..
(the liquid later became a delicacy to our sharp fins noodle...haha)

The night is still young

In my summer clothes

Party time

A group of drunk looking people

verybody so high that night

At the entrance of sky bar at Level 33 of Traders Hotel situated just opposite Twin Tower

Adding sky bar to the list of bars and pubs we visited before... Cheers, party girl!!!
Looking tired and exhausted because we go straight up the genting hill after hall-drunk at sky bar... Thanks to Kok Hou and TCC for being our driver..
In front of the casino de genting...
(P.S. : I'm the only one who won some money but not enough to cover my trip to sky bar)
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009
FJ Benjamin Warehouse Sale!!
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The FJ Benjamin Warehouse Clearance Sale is coming again!! This time I shall not miss the VIP preview day because all great stuffs will be grabbed away on the first day of sale.

I paid a visit to the FJ Benjamin Warehouse Sale last year at Parkroyal Hotel and found out that all the branded stuff sold there were unbelievably cheap... Can you imagine GUESS watches which cost over RM500++ at normal price only cost RM100+ at the warehouse sale and most of the stocks there are quite new...

But too bad, I didn't buy any watches last year because I found it difficult to squeeze into the crowd at the watches counter and all nice watches were mostly sold out.

I only managed to buy a GUESS bag whereas Annie's friend bought 2 watches of GC Collection because of the unbelievable low price.

So, this time I can't miss the preview day again as I eager to buy myself a new branded watch to celebrate my 9 months of labouring at law firm.

FJ Benjamin sale, here I come....

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Monday, May 18, 2009
I love 'GUESS'!!!

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ANYA HINDMARCH “I’m NOT A Plastic bag”!
Can you tell the differences between these two bags? One of these bags is a authetic all-celebrities-favourite Anya Hindmarch's bag whereas another one is a fake copy of the bag.

Let me give you some clues:-
1) I bought one of these bags at Cheras night market for RM25 whereas another one was bought by my sister through for the price much higher than the first one; and

2) I hardly use the authetic one because I scared it will become dirty and I cherish this bag more than any of my bags since it was a great gift from my sister.

Still can't spot the real one?

Here are more guidances:
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Thursday, May 14, 2009
Ipoh + Pangkor trip with my colleagues on 8/5/09-10/5/09!!
Bored of working everyday at the office, my colleagues decided to plan a visit to my hometown.. We managed to find a weekend wherein 3 of us no need to work on Saturday (Wesak day holiday and Mothers' day on 10/5/09), I suggested them to go to Pangkor Island because Ipoh has nothing to visit for except cave & more caves....

On 8/5/09, my colleagues - Audrey Tan & Joycelyn Lai and me took a bus back Ipoh and they spent a night at my house... We went to Pangkor Island on the next day, we managed to catch a bus at Medan Gopeng bus station to Pangkor Island.. The bus journey to Pangkor Island was unexpectedly long as it took us around 2 hours to reach the Lumut jetty.. We eventually boarded a ferry which Audrey nearly fainted inside because of poor air-conditioning.. FINALLY, we reached Pangkor Island around 2.30pm..

my swinwear photo taken at a concealed spot at the beach without those staring eyes..

Relaxing on the beach...

she digged the sand man's eyes as if she digging her enemy's eyes.. haha

3 of us in our bed at the hotel room..

Welcome to our room 111

Caught me jumping off the fence to our neighbour camp site.. OMG

Expert fence jumpers - Audrey & Joycelyn

Tiny Camp beside our hotel

Relaxing on the swing at the beach

Pink Taxi (increased to RM12 for 3 persons from Jetty to Nipah Bay)

Nipah Bay Villa

at our 'unofficial hotel' - Coral View Hotel

Yummy curry crabs

Having our dinner at one seafood restaurant, Pangkor Island

Tasty 'Ikan Bakar'

Sunset at the beach is so romantic

thanks to chooi ling for taking lots of nice photo during the trip..MuaksX2

Jump..jump as high as you could

my turn of jumping...

Audrey & Joycelyn (while sin yee taking the photo..haha)

Sin Yee & Audrey (while Joycelyn taking the photo)

Sexy cool girls on the beach...

Mermaid making

a stone at the Coral Island

sunny day at the beach

can you guess what the stone look like?
(Clever, is a 'ikan paus'..)

can't wait to go boating around the island

Look out for the hornbill at Pangkor Island

Taking photo while taking our lunch at a mamak

my 2nd stay at the Pangkor Indah Beach Resort

taking photo inside the jerry

so happy to see the sea..

During our stay at Ipoh, I brought my colleagues to the famous sam poh tong at Ipoh

cute little sami at sam poh tong

My mum suggested us to have dim sum at 'Fatt Sifu' near Persiaran Greenhill instead of the always crowded 'fu san dim sum restaurant'.

Hope u gals enjoy Ipoh famous dim sum
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