Saturday, November 22, 2008
Genting Miss Astro trip 2008
Congrats to my friend, Joey for being one of the top 10 finalists of Miss Astro 2008!
we went all the way to Genting just to support Joey!!

Never forget to take a photo after the show end

Joey, Chee Fong, me waiting for our bus back kl

Eri, Keh Mun and me
My first time stay in Ria Apartment...

After the show, we went to party in the Zafari @ Genting

Pretending to gals

Drunk-looking gals...haha

Me posting in front of the Miss Astro stage

Jane and I taking photo together

The opening of Miss Astro excited!

Supporters' team of Joey...Joey, gambateh!!!

Taking photo infront of Joey's poster..

Me, myself and I

these love sharp is made of bottle creative!!

We were cheering for Joey infront of the Arena of Star

Annie and I

Have lunch +dinner at Old Town @ Genting...very expensive

Never forget to take some pic while waiting for our food

Annie and I at our room at Ria Apartment @ Genting

Me taking photo on my journey from KL Central to Genting!
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Sunday, November 16, 2008
Can't believe I can visit alot of place in Hong Kong just in 2 days!!
After my trip to USA, actually most of my friends don't know that I visited Hong Kong during my way back to Malaysia. I asked the air ticket agent to get me a longer transit at Hong Kong so that I can visit Hong Kong with my sister and Aunt on our way back Malaysia. It saved us money flying to Hong Kong from Malaysia...Smart is it? haha

But I had to plan to utilise my time so that we can visit most of Hong Kong famous place and eat most famous food in just 2 days. Belows are my schedule during my visit at Hong Kong:

1) Reach Hong Kong International Airport around 2 pm but due to delay in getting our luggage, we managed to get out the airport around 4pm....

2) Luckily we managed to catch up the express bas from airport.. the journey from airport to Wong Kok is quite short (around 30 mins)

3) Have our lunch+dinner at a popular fast food outlet in Hong Kong called Cafe De Carol

4) Sister and I share a set of pork rice with tea at Cafe De Coral because food in Hong Kong is very expensive!

5) Rush our way to Viatoria Harbour around 8pm just to see the nice view of Hong Kong

6) the best actress of 香港電影金像獎 goes to...

7) the famous Star Avenue...

8) Night view at Hong Kong is breathe taking...

9) I'm standing at a busy and crowded street in Hong Kong during night time...

10) Tung Chooi Street is actually Ladies Street of Hong Kong

11) can't forget the great taste of Hong Kong famous smelly toufu!! Hope I can taste it again...

12) like they said: add more sweet source & more spicy scource make a delicious smelly toufu

13) a small room at a hotel in Wong Kok cost around RM300 per expensive

14) Next day, I had a set of Polo Bun, tea and spaghetti for breakfast...

15) My father said the must visit place in Hong Kong is the temple of Wong Da Shi... so we went to pray at Wong Da shi at our last day in Hong Kong..

Well, in conclusion, a 2 days trip in Hong Kong is really not enough because I didn't visit alot of place in Hong Kong... Hope I can go to Hong Kong again in future!

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