Wednesday, October 28, 2009
A surprise letter!!!
I received a letter posted to my house on Monday and I opened the letter thinking it was just an usual mail. To my surprise, I got a letter from a special friend of mine. The front page of letter stated : "SAD TO SEE YOU GO. SIN YEE..." I feel so touched when I first saw it. Thanks to my friend, Yi Ling who sent me this wonderful letter and a nice pendant as my farewell gift.

A big thanks to my dear friend, Yi Ling. Come find me in Melbourne when you're free

My middle name is on this lovely pendant
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Monday, October 26, 2009
Dinner buffet & steamboat!!!

Thanks to both of my aunt for farewell with me and paying for the dinner

the steamboat restaurant is called 月海 situated at Melengbu, Ipoh

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Some of the beauty product I'm using now

Benefit make up kit - I love to use it to create a natural make up and the concealer base cream to cover my eye bag

M.A.C eye shadow (purple, silver & maroon color) - I like to use the sparkling silver color a lot as it make my eyes bling

Shu Uemura Cosmetic water - Before this, I used it as make up remover but I discovered it is better to use it as toner

Kose cleaning foam - I use it to remove heavy make up sometime

Lancome Toner - I love this product alot as it it suitable for my sensitive skin
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Saturday, October 24, 2009
Lunch buffet @ Ipoh Syuen Hotel
My aunt invited us to have lunch buffet at a restaurant situated in Ipoh Syuen Hotel because she said there is a wide variety of food and it only cost RM10.99 per person...

Thanks to my aunt for paying for our lunch and farewall with me before I go to Australia..really touching!!!

Dad & me


Eat so much that day..really worth for RM10.99 per person


Can make our ice kacang some more
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Farewell with friends at Sunway Pyramid!!
Thanks to all my friends who farewell with me at Sunway Pyramid last week.. I know that you all are busy with work but still spend time hang out with me.. Thanks alot!! Do come to Melbourne to find me o..

Bellow are some photo that taken during steamboat at BBQ Plaza in Sunway Pyramid:

My first time having steamboat at BBQ Plaza.. quite nice

Jane and her brother, Andrew

The pot they used looks like korean BBO style
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Thursday, October 1, 2009
Great products to share with all girls!!!
Girls out there please go to check out the latest products at

One of the products that I must recommend to all girls is a facial product called ampoule. It is a product that normally used in most beauty salon because it is more effective than mask.

The one that I have tried is the Phytoderm soothing ampoule which is made in France. It is suitable for sensitive skin and it create a soothing & softening effect to the skin after applying it. It is easy to apply as you just have poured the liquid on a cotton pad and left it on your face for a while.

Pros - After using it, I feel that my skin is smooth and soft. It is definitely suitable for my sensitive skin as it don't feel any discomfort or itchy.

Cons - I think the ampoule is a bit fluidic as I like something more concentrated.

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