Friday, June 27, 2008
~~I Love N Y~~
New York-a city filled with tall buildings

Double decker bus in the city of New York

Desperate Housewives Ad in times square

Amazing view of New York in daytime

The famous central park

Nice background and pretty girls:)

New York at Night is so beautiful!

Breathtaking view of Brooklyn bridge at night!

Time Square New York!

In a open-air double decker with my sis...

Wall of memorial for the incident of 911

NBC Studio- studio for many tv show & live entertainment

The famous Rockefeller center

Policemen on their horses---unbelievable!

Chinatown in New York
The famous Triump building
Little Italy in New York
Me pretending to be a new yorker...haha

A famous statute...i forget the name of the statue
Hard Rock Cafe and shop
New York is famous with theaters

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Meet the Celebrities!

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"A Night In the Museum"

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008
One of the wonder in the world -Statute of Liberty!!!
A man dressed up as Statute of Liberty in the cute!!

Statute of Liberty from far....nice but sunny day:)

Welcome to Statute of Liberty National Monument!!

The big feet is actually the actual size of 'Lady of Liberty'

'I love Statute of Liberty!!'

Look up close to the face of Lady of liberty
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Monday, June 23, 2008
My Boy!

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It's always my dream to travel around the world!!
Well, since everybody so keen in writing blog about themselves, I think I also want to follow their footstep in doing so in a different way. I like to share my photos especially those taken during my vacation and special event instead of writing plain word about myself.

So feel free to drop by my blog and hope you all like my pic. Bye~~


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