Thursday, February 26, 2009
Purple Roses sent to my office!!

Although at first, this blog is meant to be a travel blog, I can’t hold myself from sharing some special and memorable moment in my life…

Today, 26/2/09 (one month before my birthday) around 11am, a guy knocked hard on my office door.. my boss is the first one who rushed from the meeting room and opened the door.. Ms. Hani called my name and asked whether today is my birthday??

To my surprise, the guy held a big bouquet of purple roses in his arm and called my name…I'm sure today is not my birthday but who will send me flower this time of the day?

I guess you all must be eager to know who send me this beautiful flower...

Ok, I tell you all....

IS MY DEAREST SISTER currently in USA.... Thanks alot!! I know the flower arrive abit early but I still love it so much... Muaks x 2
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