Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Sungkai Hot Spring trip!!
My compliment to my friend, Joey for suggesting and organizing a wonderful trip to Sungkai Hot Spring last weekend. It was my first visit to the Hot Spring although it is just an hour drive from Ipoh. It is simply the best place to relax your body and mind especially if you choose to soap in a private jacuzzi..

feel so relaxing in the private jacuzzi

Love this private room a lot...

Sister enjoying in jacuzzi pool


Thanks to Joey for organizing the trip!!

Nice to eat just boiled eggs while soaping in our Jacuzzi pool

Feet up..

Sister & me

VIP in their private room..haha

Don't forget to take photo while have your spa

We paid only RM 75 per hour for 9 persons in these superior room

These path lead us to our superior room

Eggs boiled with hot spring water..Yum Yum!!!

Thanks to cf for helping us to boil the eggs

The water here was really hot

I really can't soap my leg into the water for more than 10 seconds

Thanks to Joey again because she bought 3 baskets of different eggs for us!!

In the egg boiling area

a group of 9 persons visiting the Sungkai Hot Spring Park.. can't wait to re-visit here again when the octopus park re-open
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Friday, July 24, 2009
Long call @ Ipoh High Court - 17/7/09!!!
Finally, I was admitted as a solicitor & advocate after 9 months of chambering. I choose to have my long call at Ipoh High Court because I wanna celebrate this special moment with my family in Ipoh. Thanks to all who attended my long call and my mover, Ms. Lim Ching Ching!!!

My sister & me in front of the Ipoh High Court

Dad & me (PS: my dad said the Ipoh High Court has been established since 1928)

Thanks for all the lovely flower!!!

We have a celebration with mum's colleagues after my long call

Sister and me went to shop for our formal clothes a day before our long day..nice?

Mum, sister & me

My proud & happy mum & me

Please call me lawyer Tan..haha

The most memorable moment of the day is when my father roped me

Thanks to my parent for sharing this memorable day with me
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Thursday, July 2, 2009
Family trip @ Guilin!!!
Long time didn't go for a vacation with my family so I booked a free & easy tour to Guilin because I got 3 free vouchers for Guilin tour from Pelancongan Malinja after I booked the Beijing trip for my mum & dad. Well, overall the trip was quite enjoyable though it was during the prime time of H1N1 which make everyone reluctant to go travel oversea. The only thing I feel imcomplete is overcharged air ticket from Airasia.

'桂林山水甲天下,阳朔堪称甲桂林' so I wanna share some beautiful photo taken in Guilin:

These photo was taken by a professional photographer for 25 yuan..incredible, right?

Central square in Guilin city

Wearing new hat & drinking china bubble tea..

Nice view at a roodtop restaurant

Thanks to our tour guide, Ms. Rebbacca for bringing us to travel around Guilin

Try to guess who is he?

Mum & me

I hope I own a garden like these in future

Chinese scenery paint

Entering a small village

beautiful scenery

one can enjoy tea & snack while enjoy the beautiful scenery on the boat

simply breathtaking

I walked along these street many times because we mostly have our meals at one of a restaurant here

wearing face mask at airport because scared of H1N1

Party time in the last day of our Guilin trip


waiting for the showing of waterfall hotel...too bad, we then realized that there wasn't any showing on that night


Brother & me

excited to take a ride on the boat

Sister & me

New item @ McDonald Guilin

shopping @ 阳朔西街


we traveled together for 4 days & 3 nights around Guilin


阳朔美食 - 啤酒鱼


Inside one of the beautiful cave @ Guilin

amazing view and lighting inside the cave

There was a Malay couple in our group..nice to meet you two

a European style bridge at the Ronghu Lake, Guilin

nice park

an ancient south gate of Guilin

A glass bridge on the Ronghu Lake, Guilin

A white marble arch bridge on Ronghu Lake

memorable family trip to Guilin

Love these self-made bubble tea because Jay Chou is the spoke person

Shopping a lot @ Guilin

the famous Lijiang Waterfall Hotel @ Guilin

visiting a cave on the first day

taking in front of the Guilin Aiport

My father love these Tibet photo a lot
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