Thursday, April 30, 2009
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Bloggers should tell the truth?

Have you ever think of the consequence of posting unfavourable comment about someone or some issues on your blog even though you are fully aware of your right to voice your opinion?
Recently the newly appointed Minister of Information, Communication and Culture Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, was quoted by the Sun (April 16, 2009) as saying that: “Bloggers who “twist the truth” should face the music and be held accountable…”.

The Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (Act 588) was specifically quoted by Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim as crucial law governs the rights of people to communicate through the Internet. Therefore, it is worthwhile to look at the general offence for giving false and misleading statement in the said Act 588 which stated clearly that a person who knowingly gives false information, commits an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding twenty thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to both.
In additon, Malaysian bloggers should also take note of other legislations which frequently used by the Government to “go after” bloggers such as the Sedition Act 1948 (Act 15), the Internal Security Act 1960 (Act 82) and Defamation Act 1957 (Act 286). One good example is Raja Petra’s detention without trial under the draconian Internal Security Act which has drew sharp criticisms from politicians and civil rights activists. Raja Petra was charged in a sessions court here under Section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act 1948 with publishing a seditious article titled “Let’s Send the Altantuya Murderers to Hell” in his blog on April 25, 2008.

Another instances, after the arrest of Raja Petra, Abdul Rashid Abu Bakar was arrested on 7 August, 2008 under Seditions Act in Malaysia is whose blog is Penarik Beca (trishaw peddler).
Although Datuk Sei Dr Rais Yatim emphasized that the government is not looking to find faults on bloggers and internet users but rather wants them to adhere to the guidelines and law to make sure the internet which acts as an alternative media, was not misused or exploited.
Therefore, it is advisable for bloggers to ensure the content of their blog is true and accurate as stated clearly by a lawyer cum blogger, Mr. Nizam Bashir during a talk about Blogging & Law organised by us, elawyer, on 14 March, 2009 that: “the strongest defence for defamation is justification. If you express an opinion or the facts are reasonably accurate and it is published in the interest of the public then it is acceptable.”
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Sunday, April 26, 2009
Shanghai trip in Jun 2007 (Part 1)
Always want to share all the photo taken in countries I have visited but really no time and feel lazy to do so.. Anyway, belows are some of the photos I want to share with u all during my visit to Shanghai, China somewhere around Jun 2007. There are some many photo taken during the 8 days trip so I post it in 2 part, please enjoy the Part 1 photo:-

It is a small village where we were taken there by trishaw
(P.S.: don't ever go to the toilet here!!)

苏州北寺塔-it's a small place bc it was the 1st Pagoda built in Jiangnan Province


江南乌镇- a famous Water Village

This is the place which appear in SHE mtv [中國話]

In a small boat enjoying the view at the water village

Have you try the delicious orange and yam pie of McDonald before?

My sister looks like 'a student studying in China' in this picture

龙井问茶-the place we bought expensive longjing tea for our parent
Love this photo of my aunt..
(Compliement to the smart photographer...which is me)
Boat ride again

花港观鱼- a nice park with a huge lake
The magnificent crew of the show

Like a real movie scene in front of us

famous song of [南屏晚钟] is actually writing about this place
a nice and inexpensive coat that my sister bought in shanghai

a memorable experience on the boat enjoying the nice view of Shanghai Night!!

The restaurant we had our dinner at night

Nice restaurant that we had our dinner
shopping at Century Square

Madam Tussauds Musuem at Shanghai
(too bad, no time to visit!!)
南京路-is a good shopping spot at Shanghai
the legendary 和平饭店
nice packaging tidbits that I bought at mini mart at Shanghai
(Love the bottle which has my idiot-孙燕姿 printed on it!!)

The see through bathroom at our hotel room

comfortable hotel room

Group of 4 to shanghai

This street is filled with shops and stalls

Our visit to Shanghai during 端午节2007

the most delicious siu loong pao I have was at Nanxiang Steamed Bun restaurant, Shanghai
(Hope can go back agaib because can't really find any place which have such tasty 小笼包)
yummy 小笼包!!!
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Monday, April 6, 2009
MoRE & MoRe BiRThDaY GiFT!!!

Birthday gift from Wei Koon...Thanks alot!!!

Birthday Gift from Dear Brother...Thanks, Bro!!

My cool brother...

My Mum...

Celebrating my belated birthday and earth hour together..
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