Thursday, November 12, 2009
Class started on week 2
Finally, my class start on this week. I'm so excited yet a bit nervous to go back to study again since I long time didn't study after I graduated from UM. My first class was on Tuesday because I purposely don't wanna choose any class which falls on blue Monday. to my surprise, most of my classmates are international students which mainly from China and India. There are only a few ang moh in my class and less than 5 local students.

Being a Malaysian, I certainly have advantage in communicating with other. I manage to make friends with some nice girls from China and I'm looking forward to meet more people from all over the country.

Above are some of the courses that I'm taking this semester
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First movie in Melbourne - 'Couple retreat'
Adam, the president of Malaysian Society is kind enough to invite me to some of the society's members for a movie after our badminton session. I'm glad to make some new Malaysian friends who are also studying at Deakin.

According to wikianswer, the wonderful sand and beach in the movie 'Couple retreat' is located at Bora-bora island, tahiti French Polynesia which is about 8-9 hours flight from Melbourne.

(photo from
This movie remind me of the wonderful time I had with my family at Redang Island

(photo from flickr)
Since I stay near Knox City, they all changed the venue and watched the movie at Knox City village cinema..Thanks for so considerable, pal:)
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Monday, November 9, 2009
1st week - Melbourne City Bus tour
St. Kilda Beach

Eureka Skydeck

Melbourne City

Musuem Melbourne

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Deakin University

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fly to Melbourne on 29/10/09

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